Thanksgiving in Colorado

We were guests at Mary Lou and Larry’s Cabin just outside of Antonito, Colorado. At an altitude of 7,700 feet, I had my first encounter with a thin air environment.   More than once I thought

Ray Cemetery found in the woods, Twiggs County on Old Marion Road

Father’s Day 2014 Church on the Move

Popcorn, temporary tattoos, Bench press contests…that is what being a dad is all about. :)

An Argument For Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s Five (Big) Advantages Over Gold
By Michael A. Robinson, Defense + Tech Specialist, Money Morning · December 20, 2013

I strongly believe that everyone should own some physical gold. It’s been the store of value, and

Saturday 8:06 am no alarm clock

Sunday kid’s church…a lot more technical than when I went to Sunday School

Getting ready for another adventure in sprout’s forest…no chiggers.

That time of year again

Chilly and rainy enough to warrant this tonight.


It isn’t really true that it’s lonely at the top….
But it is pretty crowded at the bottom.


Just saw Guster on “Daryl’s House”…it was hilarious watching Ryan go from a light buzz drinking wine at the Italian Restaurant after the session to completely toasted by the end credits….


Well, time will tell if what I am doing is the smartest thing I have done, or the stupidest….Investments can be such tricky things. More about this later.
No resolutions this year, so no disappointments.